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Finlay and Elisa Wedding

Two NBRC members were married at the weekend.  We believe this is the first wedding for two people who were brought together through St Ayles skiffs.  Both Finlay and Elisa raced for North Berwick at the St. Ayles Skiff World Championships at Ullapool in July 2013, where they found they had more in common than the odd blister and a love of the sea.  One year later,  at Ullapool Skiff Regatta 2014, Finlay proposed to Elisa. The setting for this proposal was on Skiff John B (one of the three St. Ayles Skiffs, built by north Berwick Rowing Club),  sat on the shore on Ullapool beach. 


The connection with rowing has continued, so much so that, after the wedding ceremony on Saturday,Finlay and Elisa were rowed from the beach in North Berwick Bay, just down from the Church,  1 mile along the coast to The Glen Golf Club in Milsey Bay, where their reception was held.  The vessel used was Skiff John B.  They were escorted by a flotilla of North Berwick skiffs: St Baldred, Blackadder and Zev.