North Berwick Rowing Club

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St Baldred Rebuilt and Relaunched

That was then...

Dec 2012 brought terrible storms to North Berwick that smashed St Baldred into North Berwick harbour leaving the wreck you see here...

This is now...

018 small-IMG_7344
018 small-IMG_7344
After many months of skilled labour from our master boat builder Norman Thomson and his trusted lieutenants Willie and Johnny and with help from Sheena, Issy, Jacque, Bill and many others St Baldred was relaunched on 24th June to join Skiff John B

More to come...

With a third boat in build due to be launched later this year NBRC is back up to full strength and ready to welcome new members, come along on a Friday evening (7-9pm), or Sunday afternoon (2-4pm) to have a go at rowing, and try out these wonderful boats.

Finally, a huge thank you to Eyemouth rowing club for lending us Seabreeze while we were a boat short, it has kept us going and allowed us to prepare for the World Skiff Championships in Ullapool 7th-14th July.